The Multi-Loc™ Absorbent Pad delivers all the benefits of absorption with a meat contact surface layer that is resistant to meat sliding. This patented fast–wicking, slide-resistant meat pad is ideal for case ready products.


  • Available in a variety of colors, sizes, and absorbencies
  • Available in pre-padded polystyrene foam and polypropylene plastic trays


  • Utilizes a non-woven top layer that is resistant to product slippage.
  • Incorporates a non-woven bottom material that provides more rapid, full-perimeter absorption.
  • Delivers the same exceptional seal strength found in all Cryovac® absorbent products.
  • Uses no reclaimed fiber based products. For maximum performance, we use only 100% virgin fibers.
  • May be combined with super-absorbent polymers where improved moisture retention is needed.
  • Fully compliant with US FDA food law.
  • Retailers have long desired a solution to the problem of meat products shifting within trays. This is especially evident when trays are displayed in the shingled position (i.e., trays displayed on edge) or when shoppers have moved products in the meat case.


  • Case Ready Products