Molding Equipment


The fully automated Instapak iMold® system instantly creates engineered, pre-molded Instapak® foam cushions for immediate use or to be transferred into storage bins for batching applications.

The Instamolder™ system can produce up to 600 protective cushions an hour, ideal for high-volume operations.

The Instapak® Molding Wheel can produce up to 300 cushions per hour. The efficient design provides six mold cavities which require only 24 square feet of floor space.

The Instapak® Pedestal Molding™ system, in conjunction with the Instapak® 900 Series hand-held foam dispensing system, allows customers to create cushions without limit to mold cavity depth or mini

The Instapak Tractor Mold® system produces custom Instapak® foam cushions consistently at lightning speeds.

The Twin Vertical Molding Station can consistently produce up to 100 cushions per hour. It features two separate mold cavities and requires only 12 square feet of floor space.