Recycling Fill-Air® and Rapid Fill® Packaging Materials

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Our Fill-Air® bags are re-useable. Please re-use them in other packages wherever possible.

Fill-Air® RF inflatable packaging cushions can be manually reinflated with a drinking straw for reuse. Fill-Air®, Fill-Air® RF and Rapid Fill® bags may be recycled as described below.

Fill Air® Inflatable void fill products expand on-site. A cubic foot of inflated cells, when deflated, will lose 99.3% of its volume. The deflated cells can be sent to any of a number of Sealed Air locations where they will be recycled back into LDPE.

Fill-Air<sup>®</sup> RF bagFill-Air<sup>®</sup> bags

If you are sending Fill-Air®, Fill-Air® RF or Rapid Fill® material to for recycling, please do the following:

  • Deflate (by poking a hole in the bag) and flatten the bags.
  • Fold the flattened material and place it inside an appropriate sized envelope or small carton.
  • Affix the appropriate postage to the shipping envelope or carton.
  • Address the envelope or carton to our address.

North America


Ameri-Pak, Inc. , Sealed Air Recycle Center , 477 South Woods Dr. , Fountain Inn, South Carolina 29644  Tel: +1-800-982-6197



Sealed Air B.V , Lindenhoutseweg 45 , 6545 AH Nijmegen  Tel: +31-24-3710111

Bags can be sent for recycling to the facility listed to the right or can be dropped off at local stores, that collect low and high density polyethylene films. Go to for more information on local recycling drop off centers in your area.


What happens to the Fill-Air® and Rapid Fill® material once it is received at the recycle center?

Upon receipt of the material, it will be ground up and re-pelletized, so it can be used to make a variety of products from trash bags to automotive parts, which can also be recycled.