Every industry-changing innovation begins with a single spark. Packforum® Americas is a place dedicated to those moments of inspiration. This unique facility located in Atlanta, Georgia, is a dynamic innovation-and-learning center for generating, sharing and advancing ideas about the food packaging industry. It’s 28,000 square feet, designed to help find new and better ways to package, handle and present food.

Our Packforum® Americas site offers the opportunity to experience the full global range of Cryovac® food packaging systems, resources and services. Here you can stay abreast of market and consumer trends, become more knowledgeable about the future of the food packaging industry and gain a competitive edge in the evolving global marketplace. And best of all, it’s available all year long, all under one roof. 

Here’s what you’ll experience when you visit

  • Fully merchandised supermarket meat department to help you see food packaging the way your audience sees it
  • Two professional kitchens, one in a theater setting for demonstrations and a second, back-of-the-house foodservice kitchen to test products in a real-world setting
  • Packaging equipment demo area with up to 15 systems in operation
  • Innovation Zone with Cre8 package design and graphics creation to help you improve what your customers see


Packforum Americas
770 Atlanta South Parkway, Suite 103
College Park, GA 30349