Ken Chrisman, SVP, Global Commercial Operations and Equipment

Beyond Bubble WrapⓇ

Monday, January 25th was the 16th annual Bubble Wrap® Appreciation Day.

Believe it or not, we didn’t invent this concept. It was the product of devoted fandom and unabashed consumer affection. That is not something we take lightly. But at same time, having a single, beloved brand like Bubble Wrap can define who you are.

I work for Sealed Air.


The people who make Bubble Wrap.

Oh! That’s awesome! I love Bubble Wrap!

In reality, we are a lot more than just the people who make Bubble Wrap. We’re also the people who are working to solve our global food crisis, the people who are bringing better hygiene to the developing and emerging world, and the people who want to help eliminate wasted materials and energy from the global supply chain.

In Product Care, the division that makes and sells the magic of Bubble Wrap, we also invest millions every year in R&D to help create the next generation of smart systems and solutions that will create smaller, more efficient packages while using fewer of the world’s limited resources.

We want you to know that about us. We want you to know us as more than just the Bubble Wrap company.

So, why then would we go out of our way to celebrate Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day?

Because this brand is at the heart of who we are. We are purposeful innovators. We are agile creators. We are unafraid to take risks. We are undeterred by challenges.

It’s been more than fifty years since Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes found a way to seal pockets of air in between two plastic shower curtains to create a three-dimensional pattern of tiny bubbles. Their failed wall paper became the world’s first engineered protective packaging material.

Those bubbles people love to pop have helped millions of small business owners launch their dream. They have enabled billions of goods to safely travel the globe on their way to new markets and new customers. They’ve helped build and fuel economies. Amazingly, they’ve even protected newborn babies.

So, we are proud to celebrate Bubble Wrap and everything it stands for: entrepreneurship, boldness,courageous determination,and, fun.

While year after year most people will focus their celebratory joy on the way it feels to press our Bubble Wrap between your fingers and waiting for that incomparable “pop” (and who can blame them), we'll be thinking about the millions of treasured objects, important purchases, and valuable works of art that most famous product has protected over the last 50+ years. And the millions more we’ll protect in the years to come.

Since this year's celebration is over, we hope you’ll take some time to recognize Sealed Air as more than just the company that makes the stuff with the satisfying pop. We hope you’ll look closely at the way we’re reducing global food waste, improving global health, and enabling global economies.

Until then, we’re honored to have you think of us as the people who created the one, the only, the original - Bubble Wrap.

And by all means, #KeepPopping. We wouldn’t have it any other way.