Bringing Dishwashing into the Future

A labor-intensive process

At home, my partner and I have a clear split in kitchen responsibilities; one does the cooking and the other does the dishes. In commercial dishwashing there are workers who do the same tasks that we do at home. They pre-scrape and pre-wash the dishes, soak the cutlery if required, put the items into a rack or into a dishwasher and then the dishes travel into the big metal box and come out hot and dry at the other end. If employees have done their job correctly and the dishwasher has done what it’s expected to do, then the dishes will emerge clean. If not, they would have to restack them and rewash them in the metal box.

 Experience shows that 50 percent of dishwashing is influenced by people. Not only is labor one of the biggest pieces of the dishwashing pie, it has a noticeable impact on the dishwashing process and results. Having been in many kitchens, we understand that your employees are hardworking and that dishwashing is not an easy task! Thankfully, our IntelliDish system supports your kitchen team and helps them do their jobs well.

Simplify tasks by digitization

In addition to manually washing dishes, many dishwashing sites assign a worker to measure the temperature in the tanks and manually log the information several times throughout the day. Then they store these files of temperature logs in their administration cupboard in case an inspector might ask for it. If that day comes, the next mission is to go and find the dates that have been requested for the assessment. We have seen the impact these manual logs have on a Chief Steward.

Why not simplify and automate the process? One of our ambassadors is Walter, who has IntelliDish in his kitchen. It is a cherished system that repeatedly puts a smile on his face. Temperatures are measured and stored every few seconds, documented per rack and historical plots can be made with a simple click to plot the date and timespan required.

Training and solving issues on the spot

Imagine an instructor discussing a step-by-step approach to cleaning a dishwasher to a class of ten employees. If none of them practice the action or repeat the message to their colleagues, they will quickly forget what they have learned. But what if instead of sitting in a classroom you receive an alert and then watch a video that shows you how to clean a dishwasher when needed?

With IntelliDish, this is possible. The system alerts workers when the dishwasher is not working effectively and efficiently, such as when descaling is required. This enhances the maintenance process and reduces downtime. Plus, organizations increase productivity by avoiding classroom training sessions and workers get a step-by-step guide for instant on-the-job troubleshooting.

A smarter operation

With IntelliDish there is no need for proactive actions on the part of employees. The system acts as the brain of the dishwasher, allowing workers to focus on more important tasks. IntelliDish also automatically provides information that employees otherwise would have needed to measure and report manually. With all these features, it’s easy to see why IntelliDish will make the lives of kitchen workers easier. And by improving back-of-house operations, commercial kitchens have the opportunity to make their front-of-house operations smoother, thereby improving guest satisfaction. It’s a win-win for the entire restaurant.