Prost! Salud! Slainte! Cheers! Beer lovers from all over the globe are raising their steins this time of year to celebrate Oktoberfest, the largest beer festival in the world. Six million visitors are expected to drink 2 million gallons of beer at the annual festival in Munich, Germany.

Beer festivals like Oktoberfest take many forms around the world. In Ontario, Canada, more than 1 million visitors can participate in an archery showdown, while in Cincinnati, Ohio, more than 500,000 visitors enjoy a costumed dachshund puppy race. Wherever you celebrate, one thing remains at the heart of every Oktoberfest—delicious, high-quality beer.

Oktoberfest with Sealed Air

German brewers have taken great pride in their work for centuries, even establishing strict brewing regulations in 1516 called “Reinheitsgebot,” or the Bavarian Purity Requirements, to ensure only the best ingredients and highest quality beer. 

Ask any consumer and they’ll tell you quality and taste matter today, just as much now as it did centuries ago. I see that same devotion to excellence in the brewers we work with today in every part of the world. From craft brewers like Highland Brewery in North Carolina to larger brewing companies like Brasil Kirin in Brazil, our customers strive for safety, consistency and quality in their products.  

As part of the Food Care hygiene team, I take great pride in working for a company with a history of helping customers pursue their passions for producing quality beer.  In fact, our Diversey products and systems were named after Michael Diversey who was a partner in the famed Chicago Brewery in the mid-1800s. Now 175 years later, at Sealed Air we work every day to continue this legacy through our people and investments. We’re obsessed with helping our customers deliver high quality brewed products and further drive sustainable, efficient business practices in the beverage and brewing industry.   

As we celebrate Oktoberfest, let’s cheers to brewers all over the world and beers’ greatness!

As always, Sealed Air encourages you to drink responsibly.