Emails, phone calls, text messages, spreadsheets, tweets, blogs (except this one)…… all of this information can lead to daily overload in our workday. The result is often a deluge of information that lacks context, insight or obvious action. How do you know what information needs your immediate attention or what data is negatively affecting your bottom line?

What if you could reduce – or eliminate – the time-consuming and manual process of collecting, processing and analyzing the information for your fleet of cleaning machines? Today, it’s possible.

With the growing trend of cloud-based fleet management programs such as Diversey Care’s IntelliTrail, the answer could be just a click away. However it’s important that you ask yourself a few questions first.

  • Do I need a system that can manage my entire fleet, independent of the type or brand of equipment I own? 

Most likely the answer is yes. Even if you are a smaller business and only have one brand of equipment, chances are that your business will continue to grow, adding new services and better equipment. You don’t want to handcuff your business to a system that is brand specific only.

  • Do I have extra time to monitor data or do I want to hire a new employee to do this for me? 

The answer here is probably neither. Why waste your own time or take on a new employee to sift through the data when some fleet management systems can do this automatically. A smart system can alert you instantly to any problems in your fleet and quickly sift through reams of data, compare it to your business over time and point out simple, clear opportunities to make changes in your business that have real value.

  • Do you expect your information needs to stay the same over the next five years?

A resounding no will be your answer on this question, unless you believe the internet is just a fad. Why would you want to invest in a fleet management system that can’t grow with your business? It’s important that the system and the company behind it have the forward-thinking vision and resources to stay ahead of your business and be able to partner with you and improve your profits today and well into the future.

So we agree on the importance of a solid system and asking the right questions, but where do you go next? IntelliTrail, part of our Internet of Clean platform, is a fleet management system that helps you meet all of your needs. It gathers data from TASKI-brand machines as well as other brands; processes the data, alerting you instantly to any issues; and gives you crisp, clear insights on ways to maximize profits in your business. With the entire Internet of Clean team behind IntelliTrail, you can rest assured that your system will continue to grow with your business. In case you need additional help, a full expert consulting group is available to help you tackle your toughest challenges.

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