-Crystal Shield System improves hospital floor appearance while increasing efficiency-

“Proper floor care improves appearance and safety while reducing long-term costs,” said Rodrigo Costa, Environmental Services Director, Crothall Healthcare. “With Diversey Care’s Crystal Shield System, we’ve implemented an effective and efficient floor care program within Nemours Chidlren’s Hospital.”


Since 1991, Crothall Healthcare, a premier provider of hospital housekeeping and hospital facilities management, has been offering high-quality and responsive support services to healthcare institutions around the country. From environmental services and laundry services to basic maintenance, Crothall ensures hospitals can focus on the well-being of their patients.

Day in and day out, hospitals have many visitors, including staff, patients and their families. High levels of foot traffic can take a toll on floors if the appropriate system is not in place. Crothall needed a sustainable floor care system that produced quality results while reducing expenses for Nemours Children’s Hospital in Orlando, Florida. Since Nemours is a Gold LEED certified building, it also wanted to ensure that the floor care program did not use harsh chemicals.

As a newer facility, the hospital did not have a finish on the terrazzo floors. Crothall would clean the floors and then burnish them five times per week. However, burnishing is an intensive and time-consuming process.“Nemours Children’s Hospital has nearly 40,000 square feet of terrazzo on site,” said Rodrigo Costa, Environmental Services Director, Crothall Healthcare. “In order to reduce or eliminate future replacement costs, we realized we needed to implement a system that properly maintained and restored floors in a sustainable manner for years to come.”


floor cleaning machines at NemoursFor two months, Crothall tested two floor care solutions, one from Diversey Care, a leading provider of sustainable cleaning, sanitation and hygiene solutions, and one from a leading competitor.  The Crystal Shield System is an alternative floor care program for concrete, terrazzo and other stone surfaces comprised of diamond-impregnated tools, floor pads, chemical protector and maintainer, and TASKI machines.

Unlike traditional floor care systems, it does not require chemical stripping yet still produces beautiful-looking floors.  Eliminating chemical stripping is a more sustainable approach to floor care, reduces maintenance frequency and allows for quicker application compared to traditional strip and recoat programs.

“The trial confirmed that the Crystal Shield System was the right choice because the results were long-lasting,” added Costa. “We implemented the system and have witnessed a dramatic reduction in maintenance and a ‘night-and-day’ improvement in floor appearance.”

With the Crystal Shield System, the floors are given a protective layer that makes the terrazzo shine. The coating guards against scratches from foot traffic and also helps remove any scratches that have accumulated between applications. Crothall has also reduced burnishing from five times a week to two. This saves at least 24 hours of labor each month that can be redirected to other important cleaning tasks. It has also reduced the amount of time refinishing the floors by at least 50 percent further increasing cleaning efficiency.

“Employees enjoy cleaning the floors now because they can see the glossiness the system delivers and have even received compliments about the way the floors smell after they’ve been cleaned,” Costa said. “The system has also led to labor savings by freeing up time for other tasks.”

Costa also says that hospital safety is improved with fewer refinishings and that patients are less inconvenienced from the fumes caused by the refinishing process.


Diversey’s Crystal Shield System provided numerous benefits, including:

Nemours Children's Hospital floor care machines
Nemours Children’s Hospital
  • Reducing burnishing frequency from five times a week to two
  • Reducing time spent burnishing floors each month by 24 hours
  • Reducing the amount of time spent refinishing the floors by 50 percent
  • Better appearance by removing scratches and adding shine to the terrazzo
  • Improved employee satisfaction and morale
  • Reduced use of chemicals and therefore less waste
  • Increased client satisfaction by providing a sustainable program that also improved floor appearance and reduced costs