We recently helped DTZ, a global property services company for stadiums, schools and airports, become more efficient and more profitable. DTZ had a contract with Logan International Airport in Boston, Mass. and wanted to find a more efficient floor care system for the facility. Their current method was decent, but it required staff to scrub floors repeatedly to keep them looking presentable.

DTZ recognized there was room for improvement and decided to use Miami International Airport as a test location for a new floor care system. The airport was selected for a pilot program because it is extremely busy and has a lot of flooring. 

DTZ airport

DTZ approached us for a floor care solution that could be tested against a leading competitor. Over the course of six months, we worked with the Miami DTZ crew to design the perfect system that would meet their unique needs. We now call this solution the Crystal Shield System, an alternative floor care program for concrete, terrazzo and other stone flooring. As a totally integrated solution, the Crystal Shield System uses diamond floor pads, chemical protector and maintainer and our TASKI machines to eliminate chemical stripping from facility maintenance. Reducing maintenance frequency is especially key in a busy airport setting. Our system also helped floors keep a high gloss, despite traffic from the 100,000 daily airport visitors. 

We‘re proud of the Crystal Shield System and how well it has worked for DTZ. The trial at Miami International Airport helped us to better understand what would maintain flooring in a busy setting, without requiring too much effort. Alex Gomez, the General Manager of DTZ at Miami International Airport shared his thoughts on the system:

TASKI floor cleaning machines

“The results achieved by the Diversey system far exceeded those of the prior, conventional floor care program. If the Crystal Shield System can withstand Miami International’s trying conditions, we know it will work well within the many other large facilities that DTZ services nationwide.”

Our relationship with DTZ is just one great example of our ability to work closely with customers to develop custom solutions that increase profitability and efficiency in their daily operations. We’re especially excited to see what solutions may emerge from future collaborations.