Every two years, ISSA/INTERCLEAN Amsterdam welcomes thousands of members of the cleaning and hygiene industry to the RAI exhibition and convention center. This year was especially exciting, as it was the first year that we showcased a range of Internet of Clean solutions, our TASKI Intellibot machines, and our line of sustainable, plant-based cleaning products. Connected, hands-free, and sustainable products are helping facilities address current cleaning challenges. 

Internet of Clean

The latest shift to the digital market has been the growing influence of the Internet of Things (IoT). Diversey Care’s Internet of Clean platform applies the intricacies of connectivity and IoT to the cleaning and hygiene industry. Internet of Clean’s role is to connect machines, beacons, and other smart devices to aid operational performance, food safety, infection prevention, and customer satisfaction. Imagine having critical data accessible 24/7 without needing to be onsite. With our Internet of Clean solutions, you can access information about machine location, dispensing levels, ware washing results and more.

One of the top highlights during the show was when our Augmented Reality: Suma® Revoflow® was selected as the overall winner of the Amsterdam Innovation Award.


In an industry where the challenges of labor scarcity and costs are of increasing importance, robotics are a welcome solution. Featuring hands-free operation to reduce cost and increase productivity, remote wireless monitoring for easier management, and on-board water purification to reduce waste, our TASKI Intellibot machines are a true game changer for the cleaning industry.

For the first time, our booth showcased the Intellibots, which captured the attention of everyone who walked by. The machines clean quietly and autonomously, and have built-in sensors so that they can avoid obstacles and people in their path. They’re being utilized in facilities such as hospitals and schools to make floor cleaning easier, more consistent and less time consuming.


The cleaning and hygiene industry is often critiqued for its lack of sustainable initiatives, when in fact, the industry is awash with ecofriendly solutions. Improving the reputation of the cleaning industry and demonstrating its dedication to sustainability is critical. We highlighted a variety of solutions that help reduce waste at our INTERCLEAN booth.

For example, our SURE range is a line of plant-based cleaning products that are 100 percent biodegradable and deliver professional cleaning results. The products contain no artificial dyes, perfumes, quats, chlorine, phosphates or oxide compounds. Derived from ingredients such as sugar beet, maize, and coconut, SURE products are available in select European countries and will launch in the U.S. at a later date.

Customers are increasingly demanding that their cleaning tasks become simpler, more affordable, and less wasteful. The Internet of Clean, robotics, and sustainable products such as our SURE line are helping grant these wishes. For a closer look at these solutions, watch our video recaps below: