You’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase “time is money.” I think this expression relates extremely well when discussing cleaning processes. Why? Labor is the largest cost for building service contractors (BSCs) and budgets are often tight. Thus, efficiency is critical. However, in addition to performing work at a steady pace, it’s also important that organizations maintain quality, satisfaction and safety for employees and clients.

We recently conducted our first ever BSC expert webinar to share ways to increase your efficiency and profit. Over 100 customers from around the globe were listening in to learn about process improvement. But don’t worry if you missed the session. This blog highlights the webinar’s content so that you can apply it to your own business operations. 

1.    Chemicals

BSCs can increase efficiency and realize cost savings by analyzing the following:

I’m sure you’ve witnessed chemicals being wasted or used improperly at some point. By standardizing and harmonizing the range of cleaning products, organizations achieve savings through simplified training, less waste, reduced transportation and storage costs, as well as a reduction in administrative work and costs.

Specifically, super concentrates are a good choice because they can replace ready-to-use and standard concentrates. If dosed through an automated dosing platform, you will increase employee safety while reducing unnecessary overdosing and therefore save on the actual product cost.

But the biggest saving lies in the right choice of cleaning method. For instance, spray cleaning consumes fewer chemicals than the bucket method.

2.    Manual Cleaning Methods

Have you received complaints from workers about exhausting floor care tasks? It may be time to upgrade manual floor cleaning to machine cleaning in order to improve efficiency and reduce unnecessary stress on workers.

Organizations should also review cleaning methods to make sure that the most up-to-date strategies are being utilized, such as cleaning with pre-wetted microfibers and following an efficient machine route.

3.    Machine Selection

The right machine helps organizations improve efficiency. Employees should be able to easily and quickly prepare and maintain the machine. This is accomplished through easy access to the fresh water tank, color-coded maintenance points, optimized construction of the water tank, vacuum motor and wheel drive motor, and easy-to-remove squeegees.

Better maneuverability reduces time dedicated to cleaning. High-quality squeegees, automated dosing and vacuum motors ensure the best results with just one pass, eliminating the need to clean the same area several times.

Moreover the right machine routing is key in order to significantly reduce working time.

4.    Fleet Tracking

How great would it be to keep an eye on your floor care machines from afar? Now you can! Machines are a large investment, so it’s important to protect them. With fleet management tracking technology, organizations are alerted when the machine leaves a designated area or crashes into a wall or other obstruction. BSCs can also understand how long machines are being utilized, enabling them to analyze whether each machine is a good investment. Also, when cleaners know that machines are being tracked, they take better care of them.

5.    Process optimization

There are available systems that can collect presence time, working time, the delivery of critical services, tracking of processes and the measurement of quality. Collecting data is the starting point in order to optimize a process. In order to improve a process you need a standardized approach. For this we use the Lean Six Sigma methodology. Within BSCs, we focus on the standardization of cleaning processes and the improvement of efficiency. This means we will optimize the process flow, focusing again on the optimization of the cleaning methods, considering the use of the best suitable tools, machines and chemicals.  Process documentation and standardized trainings will ensure a stable long-term process.

Although organizations want to improve efficiency in order to reduce costs, employee health and safety must not be compromised. At Diversey Care, we’re dedicated to providing cost-saving solutions that also offer additional benefits. The solutions I’ve outlined above can enhance satisfaction and safety because they simplify work, improve ergonomics and reduce contact with chemicals. Moreover your client satisfaction will increase due to an increased performance level.

Which of these solutions are you considering implementing into your operations? Do you currently utilize some already? Let us know via TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.