As e-commerce continues to alter the retail landscape, more products are being moved throughout more places than ever before and are encountering a multitude of touch points. With this increased interaction comes a greater risk to product integrity, which is paramount to meeting consumer expectations.

The biggest concern for many retailers used to be product damage sustained in transit from warehouse to customer. But that’s only part of the equation these days. Now, companies must examine ways to maintain product integrity throughout the entire supply chain. Not only do they need to eliminate damage and tampering risks, they must also provide sustainability, brand consistency, and cost efficiency.
“The fact of the matter is that not all brand owners do, or can, exercise the same degree of care in securing their supply chains to ensure product integrity,” wrote attorney Geoffrey R. Kaiser in a story for Chief Executive magazine. “Sometimes this is due to inadequate internal controls, but other times it is simply because brand owners lack the requisite control over other key participants in their supply chains.”
e-commerce alters the retail landscape
In the future, the packaging industry will play a larger role in product integrity and Sealed Air is already at the forefront. We are reducing risk with solutions that eliminate damage, reduce waste, and increase brand consistency. We are tapping into the internet of things and big data to provide assurance and compliance.
Sealed Air has developed high-performance, opaque plastic technology that eliminates the need for outer boxes by turning primary packaging into secondary packaging for direct shipping from the manufacturer or distribution center. We’ve taken our internal data extrusion and reconfigured it for customer use on packaging machines, leading to increased operational efficiency. And we’ve implemented virtual test simulation and statistical modeling that’s empowering customers to select desired levels of assurance.

For Sealed Air, the future is now. We invite you to view our product integrity innovations at Pack Expo International 2016 November 6–9 and learn how our technological advances in packaging materials help companies solve accountability challenges.