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Giving Back To The School That Gave Me So Much

Association with your alma mater doesn’t end on graduation with a turn of your tassel. It grows with each student and alumnus as they embrace the university, understanding that the brand value of their degree, thus their personal brand value, depends on the individual and their level of support. I shared this message earlier this month when I was honored with the Outstanding Alumni Recognition Award from the Eta Alpha Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi at The Belk College of Business at UNC Charlotte. 

Carol Lowe UNCC Award Sealed Air

The annual awards banquet brought together students, alumni, and faculty. Scholarships were awarded, outstanding faculty members honored and I had the opportunity to address those in the room – those committed to carry on the Beta Alpha Psi legacy and the financial standards I’ve practiced throughout my career.

Like many of you, I have such positive collegiate memories, especially of my time in business school. And I always imagined how I’d give back as an alumna. That night I urged each attendee to find one way to serve UNC Charlotte. Time moves quickly and passion and support for your school only enriches its brand, ultimately enriching your own.

This same theory applies across all aspects of our lives. I challenge you, just as I challenged attendees that night, find an area in which to serve, for their brand and yours.


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