The value of a company is not driven by the organisation itself, but by its talented and resourceful team. As President of Diversey Care, part of Sealed Air, I know that one of the keys to success is to acquire, develop and retain talented employees faster and more efficiently than our competitors.

No-one understands the true value of a wonderful team better than the leaders at Sealed Air. Our company does not just revolve around the newest product innovations, as we are first and foremost a knowledge-based company, unable to function without the thousands of scientists, engineers, application experts, research and developers and many more alike. It is all of you who bring us these innovative products and solutions.

When it comes to the hiring process, what steps should be followed to ensure a team member who will advance Sealed Air’s success is chosen? Before beginning the demanding process we have to consider what our potential competitors may be offering, and make sure that our job description, and the place of work itself, would be more attractive to potential employees. Creating an Employee Value Proposition (EVP); a balance of the rewards and benefits which employees would receive in return for their performance in the workplace, is an invaluable tool. By making this stronger and more persuasive than our competitors, we are able to acquire the top talent in the market.

It is also important when recruiting that every potential avenue is utilised. We want to obtain the largest pool of qualified applicants available, which is why it is so crucial that in this increasingly digitalised, online marketplace, social media platforms and other such communication channels aren’t overlooked. When searching for that perfect colleague, it’s also important not to just focus on their skills and expertise; instead it’s best to look at how they are as a person, and whether they will fit the culture of your business and have long-term potential. These are details which can often be found by visiting their various social media profiles.

Retaining superb colleagues is just as vital as hiring them. Finding excellent employees is a lengthy process, so why throw away all of that hard work by not being able to retain them, inevitably kick-starting the recruitment process once more. Returning back to the Employee Value Proposition, creating one which is unrivalled in the cleaning and hygiene industry will not only entice colleagues, but by consistently amending it to meet the changing culture of the business, colleagues will be successfully retained.

Ensuring that each team member is valued and creating an individualised well-defined, progressive career path at the company will also ensure that colleagues continue to perform highly. Talent must be continuously nurtured and optimised at every level. Each company must have a well thought-out, post-hire development programme, otherwise their success will be limited. At Sealed Air, development of talent is a priority, which is why we hold global, world-class training and development seminars for employees, which I am extremely proud of.

Sealed Air Diversey Care continues to be a global leader in the cleaning and hygiene sector, and whilst from the outset it looks as if its success is attributed to the numerous technological innovations produced, it is in fact the increasingly diverse, cohesive and intelligent teams behind the scenes which are the real winners.