The internet of things (IoT) made a splash into the market in 2016 with all kinds of promises of data, efficiencies and cost savings. While some of the early adopters saw success with these technologies, a large part of the market took a “wait and see” approach. In 2017, I predict that the masses will begin to see that it is a not a matter of if these new technologies will transform the industry but when.

One key capability that the IoT has afforded cleaning operations is cloud-based fleet management. This year will be the tipping point of adaption of these systems by more organizations for several reasons, including:

Easier access to value-based data

Oftentimes a lot of data exists about cleaning operations but companies must hire an extra employee just to analyze the data and find valuable insights. However, with its smart reporting capabilities, Diversey Care’s IntelliTrail® Fleet Management System offers managers valuable information such as low battery and idle machine alerts. This type of reporting will only continue to grow in 2017 as more types of data are gathered and analyzed. Large building service contractors (BSCs) are looking to these technologies, as highlighted in this ISS Group blog interview.

In the post, Martin Gaarn Thomsen, ISS Group COO, states that,“the second way, in which we are seeing technology impacting our industry, is the access to data. Currently, we are seeing an exponential development within the data capture part and our everyday focus is now on finding the right ways of utilizing the data to improve service experiences.”

Opportunity to see and measure real-time results of actions

With manual methods, it’s difficult and time-consuming to track the success of fleet changes, and often costs more to execute than the savings achieved. With cloud-based systems, businesses can see how changes impact operations in real time. With IntelliTrail, users have the ability to group data by machine type or site and break it out by date. This provides a clear visualization of data before and after a change, quickly reinforcing that the decision was right or allowing modifications as needed.

Expertise in evaluating results

The U.S. election pointed out a clear issue with data interpretation, as noted in a recent SearchCRM article on 2017 technology trends. According to Scott Robinson, a Business Intelligence expert, "the math has been around since Isaac Newton. But we failed to paint the context of what was going on voter-wise with what we were seeing. We've got the tools. But we don't have the know-how to use them as wisely as we ultimately will."

With Diversey Care’s years of application expertise in floor care, our continued investments in the latest technologies and know-how of the IoT, organizations can rest assured that with an investment in IntelliTrail, we will “show you the money” that your fleet management system can save.

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