Each year on May 5, people around the globe come together to celebrate World Hand Hygiene Day. Organized by the World Health Organization (WHO), the event raises awareness for the role that hand hygiene plays in preventing healthcare associated infections (HAIs) and keeping people healthy. The 2017 theme is “Fight antibiotic resistance – it’s in your hands” and Diversey Care has numerous promotions to increase understanding about proper and regular hand hygiene in critical settings such as healthcare facilities.

Every Moment Counts

Diversey Care’s Every Moment Counts compliance contest seeks stories from healthcare professionals about their experiences with hand hygiene. Healthcare workers deal directly with patients on a daily basis, so they must practice good hand hygiene in order to reduce the spread of harmful pathogens to patients with weakened immune systems. We want to hear personal stories from the frontlines of medicine. Submit your story here for a chance to win a prize valued at $250. The winners of this contest will be announced May 5.

Message in a Bottle

The Message in a Bottle campaign will distribute bottles to people around the world, from healthcare workers to teachers to chefs. Inside, recipients will find a World Hand Hygiene Day pledge to sign to show their support of hand hygiene. To enter to win a prize valued at $250, they can take a selfie with their signed pledge and post it to Twitter with the hashtag #WHHDPledge and mention Diversey Care (@diversey). Once someone has signed the pledge, the hope is that the bottle will be passed to others so that they can sign it too. Hand hygiene is a team effort – if only a few people follow it, there are still risks present. Entries must be submitted by July 31.

We are excited to see the support from everyone this World Hand Hygiene Day. Learn more about these activities now.