Innovate to Meet the Unexpected

Retail and multi-site facility maintenance professionals recently converged in Long Beach, California, for the 2016 Professional Retail Store Maintenance (PRSM) show, North America’s largest retail facilities management event. PRSM visitors experienced the latest innovations designed to meet key business challenges, with many focusing on addressing waste, efficiency and bottom line optimization.

Fleet Management

Floor equipment fleet management can be very complex and costly, especially across multi-site organizations. Today there is technology which allows management to remotely track machine operations in real-time through an online support platform. Even without machine power, or within buildings, this system stores and delivers reliable data and communicates feedback on your fleet operations and locations to individually assigned users for action and follow-up.  

Look for a fleet management solution that can report the following information:

  • Geolocation
  • Total running hours
  • Low usage or not used
  • Out of geofence
  • Low battery level
  • Total amount of crashes
  • Average working hours

Small-site Chemical Dispensing

Convenience stores and other small site retailers work hard to maximize their return on retail merchandising space, while minimizing unproductive storage space. That’s why today, small site store owners and managers are turning to the latest innovation in packaging for their cleaning needs: super‐concentrated chemicals in a pouch. There are many advantages to this approach, including:

  • Improved safety: When cleaning concentrates are packaged in carefully sealed pouches, it eliminates the risk of contact with chemicals that may cause skin irritation and potential skin disease.
  • Reduced waste: Smaller‐sized packaging means less plastic waste. Compact design and lighter weight also reduces energy consumption and costs during the transportation process.
  • Storage savings: Chemical concentrates in pouches save much more space than traditional RTU bottles.

Day Cleaning

Day cleaning in retail stores offers quantitative benefits to owners and managers from reduced cost of utilities and labor to improved cleanliness. By eliminating night crews, there is less demand for lighting, air conditioning, and heating. Improved visibility of soiled flooring and other dirty areas increases productivity and overall levels of cleanliness.

If you work with a building service contractor (BSC), confirm that a manager and employees have completed day cleaning training. Since they will be working alongside customers, they need to know how to conduct themselves in a friendly manner. If cleaning is done in‐house, hold training classes that cover best practices, tool, chemical and equipment selection and customer service techniques.