A surge in online shopping this year means there will be a mega amount of deliveries, which could mean an overflow of packaging material in your home. Many of the packages you receive from retailers will contain cushioning materials from Sealed Air, including our Bubble Wrap® sheets and Fill-Air® pillows, which are designed to protect the items you ordered without increasing freight weight.

After opening your boxes, don’t rush to the trash with this type of packaging material. Why? Because Bubble Wrap and Fill-Air pillows are recyclable.   

Once deflated (And who doesn’t love popping those air bubbles? Instant holiday stress relief!), these pieces of thin plastic can be recycled at locations that accept grocery and other types of plastic such as bread, dry cleaning and newspaper bags – the kind of plastic that stretches. Many grocery stores provide a bin near the front of the store to collect bags and films that are marked with resin identification codes #2 and #4. Store drop-off locations can be found here.

Do keep in mind that that Bubble Wrap and Fill-Air products cannot be placed into curbside recycling bins. Most mixed-use recycling facilities are not equipped to handle flexible materials with the same processes that manage harder goods. These materials can only dropped off at sites that accept thin polyethylene plastic used for packaging, wraps or commercial/retail bags.

From the drop-off location, Bubble Wrap and Fill-Air packing materials will be ground up and re-pelletized to make a variety of products from trash bags to automotive parts, which can also be recycled.

The easiest way, of course, to reuse Bubble Wrap and the Fill-Air pillows is to place the cushioning materials inside the packages you plan to send out to friends and family this holiday season. Sealed Air products will ensure that your thoughtful gift arrives exactly as intended.

Learn more about Sealed Air’s sustainability efforts in our sustainability report