Jerome Peribere, President and CEO of Sealed Air

Navigating Success

When I assumed the role of CEO, I mapped out my vision for Sealed Air. I included my many various objectives, but I hoped to accomplish one overarching goal during my tenure: make the company “better” instead of simply “bigger.” I worked (and continue to work) toward this goal, discussing needs and the necessary steps toward success with colleagues and friends. In 2014, I saw the first major fruit of our labor – topping Fortune Magazine’s list of most admired companies in our industry.

If you follow me regularly, you’ll know this is a topic of extreme interest to me. Working toward a goal and experiencing success at said goal gives me quite the thrill. It is no easy feat, and involves a lot of changes that make people uncomfortable. But purposeful change proves better. Whether for a person or a company, one way to improve is to change current procedures, change the business model and, even more important, change the way employees want to engage and win. Nothing improves by staying the course – I’ve never understood the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” because, in reality, very few things are really broken, but very few are optimal.

Jerome Peribere-Sealed Air-Fortune Most Admired

Each year I encourage the team to make purposeful changes, keep improving, strive for better, become the best. And with each year, I am more pleased with our culture change. Now, it gives me great joy to announce, for the third consecutive year, Sealed Air has earned top honors as the most admired company in our industry, according to Fortune Magazine’s annual survey. We finished number one in seven of the nine categories surveyed. This was excellent news to read. We’ve also recently been accepted into the World Wildlife Fund’s Climate Savers Program. Another incredible accomplishment, one that recognizes our commitment to mitigate the effects of climate change globally. Again, I couldn’t be more thrilled.

So if you’re willing to change, and you’re working with the best, how can you lose? With that, I ask you, what are you doing to improve?