Over the course of the day, hands can become soiled with numerous types of bacteria, which can then be transferred to other people and high-touch surfaces. To prevent the spread of infection, it’s important for everyone, and especially employees in the foodservice, hospitality/cruise and healthcare industries, to practice proper and regular hand hygiene. Hand hygiene should be performed with soap and water or hand sanitizer if soap and water are unavailable.

In order to make hand hygiene more convenient, Diversey Care introduces IntelliCare, an intelligent hand care dispenser. This innovation is part of our Internet of Clean platform, which connects machines, dispensers, sensors, beacons and other smart devices to enable remote monitoring of key processes.

A Helping Hand

Does your facility need a helping hand with hand hygiene? With IntelliCare, employees can easily perform hand hygiene at key moments, thereby protecting themselves, customers, patients and your organization’s reputation.

IntelliCare offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Flexibility. The IntelliCare dispenser uses patented technology that allows it to seamlessly shift from touchless to manual mode to deliver uninterrupted hand hygiene, even if batteries run out

  • Assurance. IntelliCare ensures that hand care dispensers are always full and functioning by providing low content and battery alerts

  • Compatibility. IntelliCare can accommodate liquid/gel and foam products, allowing facilities to customize product selection based on environment, site or user needs

  • Sustainability. IntelliCare uses collapsible bottles that empty completely to reduce waste

  • Education. IntelliCare customers have access to the IntelliCare app, which offers 24/7 expert hand care advice, online training and support materials, and augmented reality dispenser location functionality

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