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The Next Generation of Food Safety

Diversey Care has just wrapped up another eventful and engaging Global Food Safety Conference, which attracts more than 1,200 food safety professionals from 54 countries. This year’s theme, “Leadership for Growth: Innovation, Networking & Efficiency,” shined a spotlight on manufacturers, academics and service providers, including Diversey Care, that are dedicated to making the foodservice industry safer, more proactive and more innovative.

The Diversey Care booth bustled with excitement over the course of the conference as we showcased some of our top solutions for managing food safety risks, including:

  1. IntelliConsult: Our suite of integrated digital solutions manages food safety risks, drives consistency and efficiency in food operations, ensures regulatory compliance and strengthens food safety culture. Our talented Diversey Consulting team of experts provided attendees insight and knowledge on some of the top foodservice issues, unique solutions and ways we can enhance food safety and quality.
  2. IntelliCare: We displayed our complete hand care solution, which is designed to prevent infection, improve productivity and protect a brand’s reputation. The dispenser provides managers with data about soap and sanitizer levels to ensure that hand hygiene is being performed regularly.  
  3. Augmented Reality: Our smart, user-friendly application technology allowed visitors to experience the future of clean, and just what the Internet of Clean is capable of, through virtual reality. Virtual reality can provide quick, straightforward troubleshooting and training for employees when they are onsite and need assistance with a task.

During the conference, Diversey Care also hosted a breakfast session titled, “Food Safety 2.0: Is the Industry Ready for the Challenges Ahead?” This session focused on how technology supports food safety management and risk reduction across the supply chain. Jean-Jacques Vandenheede, Senior Retail Industry Analyst for ACNielsen Europe, and Bob Gravani Ph.D., Emeritus Professor of Food Science and Director Emeritus of the National Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) Program at Cornell University, discussed today’s top food safety market trends and hosted an audience Q&A.

With discussions that ranged in topic from minimizing food waste and foodborne illness outbreaks to achieving better hygiene and compliance within restaurants, it was clear that technology is truly a game changer in helping the foodservice industry to grow and flourish. We had the opportunity to meet, talk with and share our latest technologies and knowledge as well as our future goals within the realm of food safety with so many guests and fellow professionals.

 As a leader in providing smart, sustainable food safety solutions, we were inspired by the overall experience of the conference this year. And we look forward to educating the industry about our innovations and technologies that make food safety a number one priority. Until next year, I invite you to watch and engage with our food safety efforts through our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

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