When leading sustainability and communications for a company with a global manufacturing footprint at a time when the world’s greatest resources are challenged, it is essential to highlight our contributions. We’re reducing resource demands and improving efficiencies in our facilities, committed to repurpose, reuse or recycle 100 percent of waste from our manufacturing operations.

Reducing Our Footprint -Waste Reduction Sealed Air

This zero-waste initiative has resulted in reusing scrap in our own products, recycling into other useful products, or use for energy recovery. We’re introducing a much anticipated and innovative process: recovering flexible plastic scrap from our Food Care division – materials that are not as easily repurposed but play a vital role in reducing food waste. This method significantly improves the outcome of our zero waste initiative – turning Food Care barrier bags into railroad ties, fishing gear, and building materials, creating new film products for sale for consumer needs or to donate to disaster relief agencies. 

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Sealed Air; it begins in our operations and reaches every aspect of our company. We’re dedicated to make strides toward our 2020 Sustainability Goals to create a better way for life and I encourage you to read more about our progress in the latest Sustainability Report.


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