Jerome Peribere, President and CEO of Sealed Air

Our Dedication to Sustainability

You recall the historic outcome from COP21, which we collectively know as the Paris Agreement. Early in November, we witnessed it enter into force and at this year’s COP22, the discussion around climate change continued as leaders determined how to best implement objectives of the agreement – a pivotal piece in guaranteeing the agreement’s effectiveness.

Earth Sealed Air Sustainability

At Sealed Air, we are proud to reaffirm our commitment to this objective and to underline the important role that businesses have in combating climate change. In addition, we are again dedicating our support of energy efficient operations and a focus on lower carbon emissions as a signatory of the Business Backs a Low Carbon USA statement. We’re proving our commitment daily as seen in our aggressive sustainability goals, our operations, and in our innovative solutions that prevent waste across supply chains. These all allow us to reduce our and our customers’ global impact and find better ways to leverage the resources we use. 

Additionally, we’ve recently commissioned a study to better understand the perceptions and realities of resource usage in our customers’ operations. The report, completed with The Economist Intelligence Unit, draws on a global survey and a complementary index that explore labor, natural, and physical resource challenges. We’ve also launched a new section on to house this information and more resource-focused content.

As the days after COP22 advance, let us continue to work together to solve the world’s greatest resource challenges and ultimately create a better way for life.


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