Partnering for Growth with E-Commerce Fulfillment Company Pharmapacks

There are a great many challenges that businesses face as a result of the growing e-commerce economy. Chief among them are the need to combat rising freight costs, overcome labor and warehouse scarcity, work around transportation shortages, and manage the impact this new way of buying and supplying has on our global environment.

But e-commerce is also the great equalizer. It allows small businesses and start-ups to go toe-to-toe with mega retailers and disrupt markets to meet increasing consumer demands. It inspires those same big retailers to revolutionize how they serve their customers with technology, data and sustainable science, bringing about large-scale change.

The open market of the internet can be a battleground, but it can also be a blank sheet of paper, beckoning innovators to come up with the next great idea, to harness the great and unpredictable power of the e-economy and create something that didn’t exist before.

That kind of ingenuity can come from unexpected places like the cramped warehouse in Queens, New York where Pharmapacks began its journey as a small consumer packaged goods fulfillment house with a revolutionary proprietary technology. 

Pharmapacks offers a robust catalog of health, beauty, personal care and household products through online marketplaces such as Amazon, and also operates its own direct-to-consumer website. Their competitive edge comes from their proprietary technology – algorithms that make them hyper efficient at marketing, selling and fulfilling products for other brands.

Sealed Air began working with Pharmapacks in their first year of operation, and stayed alongside them as they grew, encountering new challenges at every step. As their order volumes increased, so did their shipping costs, damage rates and labor costs. As their packaging technology partner, Sealed Air helped them add, customize and adapt packaging processes and systems to unlock much needed labor efficiency, keep costs at bay and make the most of every square foot of their overwhelmed warehouse. 

Sealed Air then had the opportunity to partner with Pharmapacks as they entered their next stage, moving into a larger facility on Long Island, New York and designing it from scratch so that it could withstand the rigors of exponential growth. Sealed Air engineers, technical teams and integration partners fully entrenched themselves in the new facility to ensure that Pharmapacks would have the fulfillment speed, capacity flexibility, shipping efficiency and labor productivity they required to meet the demands of their business today, and to be ready for whatever comes tomorrow.

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And now, tomorrow has arrived, and with it, the next chapter in the Pharmapacks story. With plans to scale their operational footprint, increase their delivery radius and expand the scope of their game-changing business model, Pharmapacks has secured a round of investment from backers who believe in their strategy for growth. That list of investors includes Sealed Air.

A packaging manufacturer may not seem an obvious choice to become an investor, but e-commerce is reimagining just about every industry it touches, including packaging.

As Pharmapacks executes their growth plans, Sealed Air will be right there, helping them to eliminate damage risks, minimize shipping costs, maximize fulfillment speed, meet the high expectations of customers and reduce the environmental impact of every parcel they ship out the door. 

Sealed Air proudly exists to solve complex fulfillment challenges and create a world that works better for our customers and for consumers. Today, that means helping Pharmapacks design the most efficient, sustainable future possible for their next big idea. Tomorrow, it might mean helping another small e-commerce business evolve beyond rolls of Bubble Wrap® and flat-rate boxes and start to design a fulfillment strategy that will get them to their next stage.  

No matter what need or opportunity the world of e-commerce creates next, Sealed Air will be ready. Ready to respond, ready to innovate and ready to Re-imagine the industries we serve.