Most companies today have integrated some type of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies into their products. They actively promote the benefits and value in using their systems.  However, how do cleaning companies really realize profits from the fleet management connectivity choices on the market?

In order to achieve true profitability, cleaning executives should look for three things when considering IoT technologies: 

1.       Ability to track all important assets in spite of manufacturer brands

Many companies today offer technology to track data on their specific brand of products. But how many cleaning companies have just a single brand in their portfolio across floor scrubbers, carpet cleaning, vacuuming and other task specific equipment? I would imagine these companies are in the minority, and that most would want access to data about their entire fleet, not just a selection of machines.

Instead, buyers should look for technologies that are not only integrated into brand-specific equipment, but can track other important assets. With information such as labor hours and service alerts across every machine, you have a full 360-degree view of the business. Using a universal system also allows your cleaning company to add tracking to future assets that fit into your portfolio without worrying about compatibility. 

 2.       Systems that provide more than just data

Next, focus should turn to the output of information. Having a lot of information is incredibly useful, but if you have to hire additional people to analyze the data are you truly adding value?  Instead, you should search for a “smart” system. The system should be able to provide key alerts to exceptions that might be eating into your profits, as well as analyze the data and provide suggestions on ways to improve your fleet performance. Make sure your fleet management software is going to work for you, not create more work for you.

 3.       The ability of the system to grow with your business

Finally, ensure that your fleet management system is able to grow as your business grows. The intelligence in a reliable fleet management system should be able to grow as you add to your fleet and as your need for different types of intelligence changes. Today, managing labor may be your priority but preventative maintenance or training needs could be an important area of focus down the road to increase profits. The manufacturer behind the system should be able to adapt the program and have the ability to interconnect systems to provide the best results.

Cloud-based fleet management systems may look similar on paper, but it’s important that you dig deeper and truly understand the effort required on your part to extract value from the system and the “intelligence” that the manufacturer has built into the software. IntelliTrail by TASKI is a comprehensive fleet management system that can provide valuable data and insights on your entire fleet and help you take full advantage of the savings that improve your bottom line. At Sealed Air, we believe that the Internet of Clean will disrupt the building care industry and bring game changing efficiency opportunities. Witness the power of data with our free trial of IntelliTrail today.