Reinventing the Sealed Air Brand

In today’s world, the only constant is change.  
At Sealed Air, we’re constantly changing — creating new ways to keep up with the challenges posed to society, industry and agriculture.  
We recognize that we don’t simply protect products from damage or food from spoilage. We also protect against pathogens and foodborne illness. We protect brands from reputational risk. We protect our customers’ operations from waste and unnecessary cost.  
We have a responsibility to wield the power of packaging to ensure food safety for all consumers, reduce the gap between food that is wasted and people who go hungry, to stop carbon waste before it occurs and to create new infrastructure for the collection and reuse of the world's plastic. 
But to achieve any of that, we have to do more than just come up with new products or services or bolt on new features and functions. We have to do more than just invent. We have to reinvent.  
Reinvention means we aren’t afraid to tear down our own ideas, products, processes and business models to build bold new ones. Reinvention means having the honesty, humility and courage to walk away from the way things have always been done in order to do them better.  
Under the leadership and vision of our CEO, Ted Doheny, we are fundamentally transforming how we innovate, buy, make and solve. It's a journey we call Reinvent SEE.  
To embody that evolution, we are also making some changes to our brand. Changes that reflect a simpler, more efficient, more agile Sealed Air.  
That begins with a new, powerful purpose:  

We are in business to protect, to solve critical packaging challenges, and to leave our world better than we found it.

As you see our new brand story brought to life over the coming months, this purpose will be at its center. It will take shape in unexpected ways, including our new SEE mark, a succinct signifying piece of iconography that will soon begin appearing on many of our branded packaging materials.  
But you'll also see things that look familiar, as we are making some changes that pay respect to the reliable brands that comprise our legacy: CRYOVAC brand food packaging, BUBBLE WRAP brand packaging and SEALED AIR brand protective packaging.

Sealed Air, Croyvac, Bubble Wrap

These influential brands are ready for their own kind of reinvention, one that will carry us forward into a new era of e-commerce, digital services and sustainable packaging innovations. 
Our new chapter begins today, and we are honored to share it with you.