On Monday 14 November, Sealed Air issued a joint announcement with the United Parcel Service (UPS) outlining our formal strategic partnership with one another.

This is the next evolution in the long-standing relationship we have enjoyed with UPS. In 2015 our relationship expanded to include a customer referral program and it will expand yet again when Sealed Air joins the UPS Customer Technology Program, becoming the preferred vendor for packaging solutions for small to medium-sized businesses.

We are also looking anxiously ahead to the spring of 2017, when we will open a Sealed Air solution showroom at the UPS Supply Chain Solutions facility in Louisville, Kentucky.

At the new showroom,  UPS and Sealed Air customers  will be able to experience our innovations in packaging performance, automation, and sustainability firsthand, and realize the potential for transformative growth that is within their grasp when they have  veteran partners such as UPS and Sealed Air to guide them.

This joint announcement with UPS comes on the heels of our news release made on 7 November,  publicizing XPO to be the first logistics provider to implement our new StealthWrap technology.

Each of these announcements is further proof of Sealed Air’s powerful capability to create real, measurable value for our customers, and for our customers’ customers.

We create that value in the form of dimensional weight reduction, damage reduction, increased fulfillment speed, and enhanced consumer satisfaction – and that’s only the beginning.

In selecting Sealed Air as a partner in this era of unprecedented e-commerce growth, these leading transportation and logistics providers are not only seeking to reduce costs or increase efficiency in their own operations they are also  unlocking new sources of savings and value for their customers.

Smarter packaging solutions, systems, and practices lead to less waste for everyone – period. Less wasted materials, less wasted freight space, less wasted labor time, and less wasted money.  

When you waste less, you create the opportunity for more. More volume out the door each day. More on-time deliveries. More loyal customers. More profitable growth.

That is the promise that lies ahead as we embark on this next stage in our relationship with UPS, and I for one cannot wait to see what we are capable of achieving together.