We are honored to share with you that Sealed Air has been selected by the World Health Organization (WHO) to join its Private Organizations for Patient Safety (POPS) platform. As part of this major initiative, Sealed Air will bring the expertise of our Diversey brand portfolio together with leading healthcare professionals to promote best practices in facility hygiene for healthier patient care environments.

Cleanliness is essential to limiting the spread of infection within a healthcare institution. To give patients the best care possible, healthcare providers must be equipped with proper knowledge about Health Care Associated Infections (HCAIs) and solutions for keeping themselves and their patients safe at all times.

HCAIs present a growing problem and result in lengthened hospital stays, additional costs to hospitals and patients, disability and even death. To prevent the spread of HCAIs, WHO recommends specific hand hygiene methods involving soap and water or an alcohol-based formula. However, lack of awareness and resources limit hand hygiene in healthcare facilities.

According to WHO, seven hospitalized patients in developed countries and 10 in developing countries will acquire a HCAI for every 100 patients admitted.

This online platform aims to improve implementation of WHO recommendations and reduce healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) by sharing information regarding hygiene. As a participant in the POPS platform, we at Sealed Air will work to increase adoption of WHO recommendations by providing information about hand hygiene and encouraging product availability and accessibility, especially in low-income countries and during crisis situations. 

As a leader in the cleaning and hygiene industry, Sealed Air is working to deliver effective infection control practices, products and tools through its Diversey branded products.

We are dedicated to helping customers reduce HCAIs and believe that this collaboration will provide healthcare institutions with actionable information on hygiene which will ultimately result in improved healthcare, and saving lives.  It is an honor to be part of this initiative.