CRYOVAC brand innovations that revolutionized our dinner tables

For centuries, inventive minds have shaped what we eat and how we eat it. Technological advancements and increased globalization have changed our access to food, how we package and prepare our food, and even the meals we eat today.

Shrink-wrap technology changes the food packaging process

Before the onset of World War II, Henry DePoix pioneered a way to better preserve meat for French soldiers using shrink wrap technology. This simple but critical invention enabled food to be protected and preserved for days, rather than merely hours, allowing more soldiers to be fed and less food to be wasted.

This packaging innovation officially launched in North America on January 7, 1941 and has revolutionized the entire food packaging process, forever changing the availability and quality of food.

Today, processors, retailers, and consumers around the world benefit from shrink wrap technology and equipment with improved food production, distribution, protection, and convenience. These advancements continue to help address issues of growing concern like food waste and food safety.

Turkey packaging for holiday meals

For many years, turkey has been a key staple for meals during the holiday season. According to the U.S. Poultry and Egg Association, in the United States alone, each year we eat 46 million turkeys on Thanksgiving, 22 million on Christmas, and 19 million on Easter.

Since the 19th century, the demand for this important centerpiece of many meals has continued to grow. Responding to the demand, shrink bag packaging for frozen turkey was introduced in 1962. This innovation grew frozen turkey production from 128 million to 268 million in less than a decade and drastically increased the accessibility and affordability of poultry for all.

Since then, turkey packaging has continued to evolve. The clamp used on frozen turkey bags is now placed and tightened by a machine instead of a plier-like tool, as it was in the 1960s. Today, the bags also have more flexibility to package a wider range of bird sizes and different ink allows more intricate printing and designs.

Increased variety of turkey products available to consumers makes it easy to prepare meals quickly. The demand for convenience drives new turkey packaging technologies like easy open tabs that open packages in one quick motion and portion-control packaging for better meal planning and less food waste.

Innovation makes history

With advancements in food safety, food security, and reduced food waste, the food industry has come a long way — but solving the food waste and food safety challenges of the 21st century will require even more creativity. For over 80 years, CRYOVAC® brand has been committed to advancements in food packaging. That dedication will continue to remain at the heart of our business for years to come.