New York City was witness to impressive building care ideas and innovations at this week’s 20th Congress of the World Federation of Building Service Contractors (WFBSC). I had the pleasure of attending the Congress along with Jerome Peribere, CEO of Sealed Air. It attracted BSCs from around the globe and inspiring speakers such as Peter Diamandis, Steve Forbes and Jeff Gravenhost.

One of my highlights was participating in an industry panel discussion on April 7 with executives from ISS, Harvard Maintenance and other top BSCs. We discussed the pressure our industry is facing and opportunities for the future. It’s becoming more important than ever to show how cleaning impacts business. For instance, our industry isn’t simply about cleaning kitchens and hospital floors. It is about promoting ongoing food safety and helping to reduce the incidence of healthcare-associated infections.

During the panel, I talked about the importance of innovation in bringing sustainable solutions to the BSC industry. Any innovation needs to comply with:

  1. Usability and simplicity: The people employed by BSCs need to be able to use innovations in the simplest and most effective way.
  2. Value creation: We can’t keep wasting innovations. We need to measure their value and ensure they are helping our industry.
  3. Affordability: This industry has tight margins and is under tremendous cost pressures. We need to sell total cost of ownership concepts in order to highlight the value of our products and services.

On April 8, Jerome and Richard E. Besser M.D. shared the stage to speak about infection threats around the globe and to shed light on the health and safety benefits associated with proper cleaning. Jerome reinforced the importance of demonstrating that it’s not simply a clean appearance that matters. Establishing the value of clean with authorities, institutions, the public and industry leaders is critical to the future of our industry. That is something that resonated as well when Jeff Gravenhost, CEO of ISS said in his outstanding presentation that “engagement with cleaners and having a purpose is critical to clean for health.”

Check out our “Value of Clean” video, which includes testimonials and captivating facts about the benefits of cleaning, such as:

  • Occupants reduce their chances of catching the flu and common cold by 80 percent in a clean facility
  • Surfaces contaminated with a virus are reduced by 62 percent in a clean facility
  • Absenteeism is reduced by 46 percent in a clean facility
  • Worker productivity goes up 2-8 percent in a clean environment
  • Cleaning can provide an energy reduction of between $50,000 and $100,000 per 500,000 square feet of commercial office space

Communicating these advantages and others can help BSCs retain current customers and attract new contracts. Reach out to me on Twitter (@kadriilham) to share the changes your business is making to improve cleaning results. I’m sure these steps will have a positive impact on customer and employee satisfaction, cost savings and health and safety.

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