When Bubble Wrap® was invented more than 50 years ago, it unlocked a totally new era of commerce.

The ability to ship small parcels safely for longer distances enabled industries and forms of entrepreneurship that would have previously been untenable. It grew our global economy in totally new ways, and played a role in leading to the modern era of boundaryless e-commerce we live in today.
But with that rapid growth in e-commerce has come new business challenges – challenges in labor cost and productivity, in material waste, in shipping logistics, and in customer retention.

Bubble Wrap unlocked a new era of e-commerce

In short, we’re in need of another revolution in how things get done, and how things get where they are supposed to go. We believe this new era of e-commerce efficiency will be powered by the same simple thing that kick-started the original revolution more than 50 years ago: air.
Why is air the answer? It’s affordable for any business big or small. It’s abundant with little cost of source material. It’s fast and easy to deploy for any labor force. It can be summoned on demand when you need it, and it remains invisible and infinitesimally small when you don’t. It can be shaped and formed to fill unused space, to wrap and protect, or even shaped into designs that are just pure fun.
Air cushioning and air inflatable packaging is already a vital part of the e-commerce formula, and it’s flexible enough to adapt to the changing needs of tomorrow.
With the advent of 3D printing, creators now have the power to make just about anything the world needs. And with air technology, we have the power to safely, efficiently, affordably, sustainably protect whatever gets made. Today or in the future.
At Sealed Air, we’ve been innovating with air for more than five decades, and we’re just getting started.

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