Successful restaurants, bars and cafes know that front-of-house and back-of-house operations must run seamlessly in order to achieve happy customers and a healthy bottom line. The Diversey Care team recently met Marco, the Vice President of F&B of a very prestigious hotel chain. He and his team wanted to learn how IntelliDish, our cloud-based monitoring system for industrial dishwashing, could help their operations.

So, with the Chief Steward and the hygiene and quality management team, we highlighted the numerous benefits of IntelliDish as it relates to each key position.

  • The Chief Steward’s team currently checks the dishwasher’s temperature every hour, logging the information manually. We showed him the continuous temperature live feed per dishwasher rack. IntelliDish also sends email notifications when temperature, cleaning product usage or water leakages and peculiar behaviors occur, so that managers can guide their team to resolve issues quickly and prevent future issues from occurring.

  • The Hygiene management team applies stickers to the dishwashers and around the kitchen to remind staff of the standards they should abide by. A great team like this one tries their utmost to follow the guidelines but we challenged that perspective. If you only check temperature once every hour, you’re unaware of the temperature during the other 55 mins of dishwashing. Since temperature fluctuates per rack in machines, chances are high that outlying racks will need to be rewashed. Rinse nozzles become clogged and need cleaning, reducing the amount of water actually hitting the dishes. IntelliDish’s dashboard can show live and historical hygiene compliance data per dishwashing rack.

  • Marco, the VP of F&B, was pleased that we were simplifying his team’s responsibilities with automation, but also wanted to learn more about the financial benefits of this cloud-based monitoring system. With IntelliDish’s dashboard, you can view a live stream of a site’s water usage. When water leakages beyond a certain amount are logged, the system sends an email notification that includes a potential diagnosis and suggestions for solving the problem. Reducing water waste can mean big savings on a yearly basis. In fact, Diversey Care has built an app that calculates the actual cost of dishwashing based on information that a restaurant inputs.

At the end of this session, one thing was clear: IntelliDish provided benefits for all key members of an efficient kitchen process. Marco said, "I had never expected someone would connect a dishwasher to the cloud. I can't wait to get this in my kitchen.” We installed the solution the very next week, making his site just one of many that are taking their dishwashing operations to the next level with IntelliDish.

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