The Sealed Air Veterans Network is a global network of employees who have served in the military or who are dedicated to supporting veterans. Our Veterans Network focuses on continuing a culture where employees are valued for their military experience and supporting veterans in the communities we serve.

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Kevin Piccione, Vice President of Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Korea - South African Aviation Corp.
Veteran Kevin Piccione, who works for Sealed Air in Hamilton, New Zealand, knows how critical determination is in the military and civilian business world. 

  • Best part of my job: Hiring and picking very capable people to work on the Sealed Air team. I enjoy resourcing them and watching them fly. 
  • What does Re-imagine SEE mean to you: As a company, being resourceful, energized people working together to achieve our corporate objectives. As a corporate citizen, being an organization that cares and impacts society well beyond the numbers. 
  • How has your military experience helped you: It taught me that nothing over 'til it's over. Even when the odds are heavily stacked against you, you can still win. 
  • What does "military appreciation month" mean to you: In my day, there was no such thing and many soldiers were abandoned on their return to civilian life suffering differing levels of post-traumatic stress. Military Appreciation Month could help people understand better what veterans have to deal with. 

Jonathon Durnford, Vice President of Packaging Solutions - British Army
Jonathon Durnford, Vice President of Packaging Solutions for Sealed Air Food Care in EMEA, served with the Coldstream Guards in the British Army. Jonathon has transferred his military lessons in persistence and teamwork to his civilian life and professional career in packaging. 

  • The best part of working at Sealed Air: I like the combination of a multicultural team environment combined with best in class technology, business practices and market leadership. It has also been a great personal journey for me as I have had the chance to live and work in US, China, New Zealed, Germany, Hungary, Russia, UK and Ireland. 
  • What does Re-imagine SEE mean to you: Allowing SEE to become more high-tech, modern, entrepreneurial and efficient. 
  • How has your military experience helped you: I served for just under five years and enjoyed every moment of it. The military teamwork, sense of pride and a "never give up" attitude helps get things done both in the military and in "civilian" life.