About ALCO

ALCO is a Mexican company, located in the city of Monterrey, committed to food safety compliance and customer satisfaction through the development, production and marketing of value added meat products, primarily chicken parts and whole birds.
The company has stood out in the market due to its constant search for innovation regarding product processes, customer satisfaction and now packaging. As a result, ALCO serves the largest supermarket chains in the country.


ALCO is known for being at the forefront of innovative solutions for their customers. Every day they face the challenge of providing new products which offer top quality. They realized that their traditional tray and PVC overwrap film format was yielding a shorter shelf life and generating an unpleasant experience for final consumers.  They sought out a packaging solution that would eliminate leaks and reduce the risk of cross-contamination while improving shelf life.


Sealed Air presented ALCO with an integrated solution: Cryovac® SES film, polystyrene trays, absorbent pads and the OSSID 500im system. The fully sealed package prevents leakage and promotes better hygiene at point of sale. Furthermore it guarantees products are packaged in origin and do not require additional handling, which gives consumers assurance of food safety and longer shelf-life.  This helps distinguish ALCO’s brand as a premium offer, now more visible in the retail case when merchandised vertically to attract consumers to both the product and the package.  
In addition to achieving their retailer and consumer objective, ALCO was impressed with the high mechanical resistance of the Cryovac SES film, which reduced loss due to tearing during handling and transport.  Beyond operational efficiency, a corresponding benefit included sustainability since less packaging material is used and the film is thinner, resulting in up to 36% less film material use versus traditional films. 


Adopting this entire system brought positive results for ALCO, the retailer and the final consumer.  All three benefited from a two-day extension on shelf life over what was being offered previously.  And without leaks, consumers enjoyed a better shopping experience, which was reflected in the customer satisfaction survey where 82% of consumers claimed to be very satisfied with the new packaging.
ALCO saw a significant improvement in productivity due to labor efficiency and less time spent on rework.  This allowed them to increase production, which consequently increased added value product sales by 23%.  
Lastly, they saw another great benefit regarding brand positioning. The system enabled them to offer consumers a visually attractive package, introducing a concept not achieved with the traditional wrapping.  Sales increased 40% in one of their lines.
 “Adopting the SES system allowed us to achieve the commitment we made to our customers of delivering top quality products through packaging technology, extending product shelf life, and improving food safety and the shopping experience, to meet the increasingly strict market demands.” Eloisa García, ALCO Marketing Director