Since 1980, Dr. Leonard’s® Healthcare Corp. has been the leading direct mail marketer of affordable health and personal care products including dietary supplements, arthritis & pain relievers, and support & mobility aids. Over the years, the brand has broadened its product offerings to also include apparel, footwear and As Seen On TV items to better serve its growing customer base.

In 2001, Dr. Leonard’s expanded its business with the launch of DrLeonard’, and in the time since, the site has evolved to become a premier shopping destination for customers looking for quality products at affordable prices.

However, like many fast-growing retailers, in 2015, the brand discovered that with the welcomed sales growth e-commerce and a broader product selection was bringing to its business, came fulfillment complexities that could threaten the efficiency and profitability of its operations.


Pulling info from Dr. Leonard’s’ WMS, Sealed Air's FloWrap Automated Mailer System creates a right-sized bag, seals the package, prints and applies the shipping label, and verifies order accuracy. The only manual task required is to place the product on the conveyor with a barcode visible, and the system does the rest – including identifying unlabeled or out-of-sequence orders.


  • Continuous flow (fully automated process eliminated previous peel and stick process).

  • Dr. Leonard’s throughput speeds increased to 25 packs per minute.

  • Large roll of film requires fewer turnovers resulting in less downtime.

  • Reduced staffing level to two operators to pick and place products on the conveyor, the system then does the rest.

  • Along with the 30% improvement in productivity and fulfillment velocity, Dr. Leonard’s has seen a 12% reduction in employee overtime costs in just the first few months of operation, and they look to see even greater labor and freight cost reductions in the coming year.