Launched in 1978 by two brothers in New Zealand, EziBuy has become a leader in the apparel and homewares market and the largest multi-channel retailer in Australasia, processing more than 1.75 million orders per year. 

The e-commerce giant needed a way to smooth out the peaks and valleys in its fulfillment process. Faster throughput was essential to remain competitive in the increasingly challenging online retail market. “Competition is getting tougher and tougher all the time,” said Bernard Walsh, General Manager Supply Chain. “The pressure is coming on to get the product to the customer faster and more efficiently.”


Sealed Air has worked with EziBuy for more than 30 years, during which time industry changes have presented many new challenges. Most recently, the company needed additional automation to keep up with customer demands. Sealed Air helped EziBuy add, customize and adapt packaging processes and automated systems to unlock labor efficiency, reduce costs and get orders out the door faster — without sacrificing product integrity.

With the FloWrap® automated mailer system to produce and label rightsized, shipment-ready courier bags, EziBuy has been able to level out its workload. The FloWrap system now processes 65% to 70% of all polybags shipped from EziBuy’s e-commerce fulfillment center, with 15% to 20% fewer hours required for the company’s outbound temporary teams. 


  • Increased throughput capacity to 8,000+ packs per day
  • Reduced outbound temp labor up to 20%
  • Upskilled permanent staff into new roles and responsibilities
  • Increased packing speed to 39 seconds per pack
  • Rightsized packs to reduce associated freight costs