Pharmapacks is a leading e-commerce technology company that empowers brands with a complete and cost-effective logistics, fulfillment, marketing and sales solution. It offers a robust catalog of health, beauty, personal care and household products sold across top online marketplaces as well as directly to consumers on Pharmapacks has created e-commerce, logistics and fulfillment software meant to be easily integrated into partners’ existing sales platforms including Amazon, Walmart and eBay.

Pharmapacks’ catalog currently consists of 28,000 unique items. The company processes and ships more than 30,000 orders each day throughout the U.S. and Canada. Its biggest challenge was keeping up with demand and efficiently packing thousands of SKUs.


Sealed Air’s relationship with Pharmapacks began in the company’s first year of operation and continues to this day as the e-retailer expands and encounters new challenges. One of the early issues Pharmapacks experienced centered on a rapid increase in order volume, which caused a rise in freight fees, damage rates and labor costs. As the packaging solution provider for Pharmapacks, Sealed Air helped the company add, customize and adapt packaging processes and automated systems to unlock labor efficiency, reduce costs and make the most of every square foot of an overwhelmed warehouse.


  • Throughput increase of more than 400% in three years 
  • 30% savings in shipping costs
  • Less than 1% returns due to damaged products 
  • 100% Amazon customer satisfaction rating for packaging, products and experience