When it comes to packaging seafood, suppliers like Southwind Foods as well as grocery retailers face challenges, often more so than packaging other protein options like beef, chicken and pork. Traditional seafood packaging – a foam tray pack with a soft overwrap – can be leaky, wet, stinky and contributes to a messy seafood case in retail stores.

Even as one of North America’s premier seafood suppliers, Southwind Foods has grappled with these challenges. The company knew its high-quality products required higher standards than the status quo. Southwind Foods customers and potential customers value quality in seafood over anything else and want suppliers and packaging solutions that deliver on that demand. Southwind Foods needed to find a new solution to provide better standards to their customers.


Southwind Foods leveraged its longstanding relationship with Sealed Air in a partnership to test and implement the Cryovac® Darfresh® 10KOTR seafood packaging solution. In contrast to the traditional foam tray with a soft overwrap, Darfresh 10KOTR packaging has a leak-proof vacuum seal that helps packaged seafood retain moisture, thus improving its quality, and also reduces shrink and waste at the store level.

In Darfresh 10KOTR, Southwind Foods found a seafood packaging solution that matched the quality of its products. This innovative solution is the first reliable leak-proof packaging available in the marketplace that is FDA approved. Southwind Foods knew that this solution would help its customers keep their in-store seafood case cleaner and give products the premium look shoppers expect from high-quality purchases.

In addition to providing the new seafood packaging solution, Sealed Air became Southwind Foods’ trusted partner on the ground, providing service to fine-tune packaging machinery and insight into supply input. Since implementation, Southwind Foods has experienced improved operational efficiency for its bulk pack operation. This is due to the quality of the Darfresh 10KOTR vacuum seal that has reduced the amount of leaking packaged products that otherwise wouldn’t get on the store shelves or make it into consumers’ shopping carts.

Southwind Foods also partnered with Sealed Air to help develop a strong sales strategy in order to educate retailers at the store level on the benefits of investing in this innovative packaging. By educating and empowering staff at the retail level, Southwind Foods helped ensure retailers could answer any consumer questions about the new packaging.


With the switch to Darfresh 10KOTR, Southwind Foods aims to ensure their customers are providing the best seafood products to consumers. To date, Southwind Foods has rolled out Darfresh 10KOTR seafood packaging in 500 + retail stores helping to reduce product shrink and waste at the store level. 

With its Sealed Air partnership, Southwind Foods has proved to its customers and to the seafood industry that it’s time to move beyond the status quo. Grocery retailers should expect more from their seafood packaging, and now Southwind Foods is leading the way to set the new standard in seafood packaging, quality and shelf-life.