Diversey Care Products


Integrated floor care solutions that deliver cleaner floors and an improved guest experience.

Innovative solutions for commercial kitchens.

Infection control solutions for healthcare industry
Infection prevention products for hospitals

Helping you reduce the risk of infection by delivering effective, safe and sustainable cleaning and disinfection solutions.

Floor cleaning machines that deliver premium floor cleaning
Floor cleaning machines to help you clean with easy

TASKI® floor cleaning machines allow you to reliably and effectively clean with ease.

TASKI® Work Stations and tools increase worker convenience and efficiency.

Solutions designed for your hospitality, healthcare and all other on-premise laundry needs. Products include sours/softeners, detergents, destainers and alkali boosters.

Platforms, designed to conveniently fit into any environment.

Laundry products that provide every solution throughout your washing cycle.

Multi-Surface Cleaners for Specialty Foodservice
Specialty Foodservice Multi-Surface Cleaners

Cleaning products and solutions developed to answer the strictest requirements of professional cleaning.

Odor neutralizing technology that keeps any environment smelling fresh.

Solutions that tackle spots, stains and enable you to achieve a deep clean.

Control pests and insects before they become a problem
Control pests and insects before they become a problem

Repellents and pesticides that deliver you control before pest and insects become a big problem.

Personal products that range from infection prevention to protecting skin.

Restroom solutions that clean, sanitize and disinfect areas with high level of odor control.

Solutions designed to help you achieve a consistently clean, healthy and safe foodservice environment.