Pro Series

Clean Like a Pro 

Get the performance, convenience and sustainable benefits of Diversey Care professional-grade cleaning formulas, now designed and packaged specifically for smaller

As the leader in professional cleaning solutions, with a global footprint in 175 countries, Diversey Care helps business of all sizes meet their strict requirements for hygiene and sanitation.

Diversey Care created the Pro Series to bring simple, portable, and versatile platforms to small sites.

Our Pro Series offers you a choice of platforms that deliver:

Pro Series gives you greater convenience Greater convenience

The versatility and dosing control accuracy of our platforms can save you time and resources as well as make it easier to monitor usage.

Pro Series is easy to use Ease-of-use

They are portable and simple to use, making them easy to distribute where needed – with minimal training via a one-time instruction video.

Pro Series lowers expenses Lower out-of-pocket expenses

Whether you need one bottle or more, you can purchase concentrates in platforms that are sized for your needs, reducing the amount of money you need to spend.

Pro Series simplifies operations Simplified operations

By eliminating the need to purchase numerous products, you’ll avoid waste and save storage space.

Pro Series is safe Safe and sustainable

Our platforms use less packaging, transport, energy and water, reducing your environmental impact so you can feel confident protecting your brand and improving your reputation.

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