Suma Combi Two-in-One Detergent/Rinse Aid Combination


Commercial kitchens require the use of various washing detergents and a rinse aids to clean dishware. Commercial dishwashers are fundamentally different to domestic machines, with wash cycles of between 2-3 minutes!  

This requires them to purchase separate quantities of each and store them for use, ensuring that all the necessary products are maintained for effective cleaning results.

The end result is the need for store room space, tracking of the usage of each chemical and additional packaging waste to dispose of for each container. In addition, the staff must be careful not to mix up detergent with rinse aid.


Sealed Air’s R&D team developed a unique two-in-one detergent/rinse aid solution known as Suma Combi, where the detergent and rinse aid are combined to provide a less complex, more user-friendly, sustainable dish-washing solution for small machines.

The challenge was to enable the properties of a rinse aid to remain in the tank throughout multiple washes – this involved a major screening exercise and study of the literature around wetting of surfaces.


The benefits Suma Combi provides to customers include simplicity in warewashing operations, reduced space and stock keeping, less package waste and excellent cleaning results. Similarly, the benefits for Distributors are less warehousing space, and reduced freight.

Sealed Air is the first company in the industry to develop such a two-in-one detergent/rinse aid break through, top performing innovation for use in commercial dishwashers.

The benefits of Suma Combi are seen in one example at a customer in the UK who used six different products for mechanical warewash:

  • Standard Detergent and Rinse Aid 
  • Glass Detergent and Glass Rinse Aid 
  • Glass Renovator and specific Rinse Aid

The existing solution added complexity in the restaurant, consumed storage space for each of the components, required a more complicated training program, and increased complexity throughout the supply chain.

From the first day of testing Suma Combi, the benefits were clearly perceived by the customer: shinier dishes and glasses, no technical issues and a significant reduction in both cost and container waste. We are working hard to leverage these learnings in order to continues the expansion of Suma Combi across the globe.