Taski Intelliflow

TASKI IntelliFlow
It’s sheer genius.

With an IQ so high it’s authenticated by Underwriter’s Laboratory, the patented TASKI IntelliFlow solution flow technology automates the delivery of precise amounts of cleaning solution and water onto floors based on the speed of the machine and its turning radius. The IntelliFlow system uses real-time adjustments to modulate the flow of cleaning solution as the operator steers and changes the speed of the machine. These adjustments decrease water and chemical consumption, reduce time-consuming tank fills, and lower costs.

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Badge of Honor

TASKI IntelliFlow technology is recognized by Underwriter’s Laboratory Environment (ULE) to be certified with an Environmental Claims Validation (ECV) badge of honor. Backed with the trusted support of ULE and the TASKI heritage of floor care excellence, you can be confident that you’re saving time and expense while getting the best possible results with intelligent TASKI floor scrubbers.

Precision Matters

Incorporate a sustainable practice into your cleaning program and reduce expense by lowering water and chemical use with TASKI IntelliFlow. TASKI floor scrubbers with IntelliFlow save an average of 76% in water and chemical use compared to floor scrubbers without the automated technology. With a single tank fill eliminated, TASKI IntelliFlow can reduce 20 to 30 minutes of cleaning time per shift, per machine, when the automated system draws only what is needed.

So smart, they’re in a class of their own

If intelligence is genetic the TASKI swingo family has it. These TASKI swingo machines with IntelliFlow solution flow technology are certified by ULE to be environmentally sustainable:

TASKI swingo 855 B TASKI swingo 1655
TASKI swingo 1255 TASKI swingo 1855
TASKI swingo 1650 TASKI swingo XP-R
TASKI swingo 1850 TASKI swingo XP-M
TASKI swingo 2100 micro  TASKI swingo 4000
TASKI swingo 2500 TASKI swingo 5000