The perfect storm can happen at any moment.

As your operations fluctuate and grow, the sheer number of variables that you need to forecast and account for can be overwhelming: labor requirements, order fulfillment costs, freight costs, and even box sizes. 

It can happen at any moment — large orders come in when labor productivity is low, there aren’t enough packers, and workstations aren’t optimized. Thus, the perfect storm is created. The last thing you want is to find out your capacity is maxed out and need to scramble to fulfill orders.

There are steps you can take today to avoid the perfect storm — we can help.  Take a look at some of the solutions we featured at Modex 2020.

Sealed Air Brand protective packaging

Consumer demand for immediate order fulfillment is changing the landscape of e-commerce. Whether you’re ready to take your current fulfillment center from manual pack stations to semi or full automation, our custom solutions offer the flexibility and scalability to support your needs.

Learn more about these SEALED AIR® brand protective packaging solutions we featured at Modex 2020: 

AUTOBAG brand automated systems

AUTOBAG® brand automated systems, now part of the Sealed Air portfolio, is a leading manufacturer of automated bagging systems. The total systems approach to packaging combines machines, materials, and services into a comprehensive program designed for your unique needs. 

Learn more about these AUTOBAG® brand automated systems we featured at Modex 2020: 

Solutions We Featured at Modex