American Consumption of Fresh & Frozen Seafood has seen its Largest Increase in Two Decades.

33% of Consumer Purchases are Made Solely Based on Packaging - How Enticing is Yours?

Packaging plays a significant role in influencing a consumer’s decision on whether or not to purchase your product.  Of course, other factors come into play like past experiences, but the appearance of a package and its ability to attract a shopper’s attention also plays a major role in the consumer decision-making process.  And with the consumption of seafood up by 1.1 pounds in 2017, reaching the 16-pound mark for the first time in almost 10 years – now, more than ever, you need a packaging solution that helps you stand out on shelf.

Consumers Today are Looking for a Quality Product that Tastes Great and Stays Fresh Longer.*

Cryovac® Darfresh® 10K OTR packaging not only helps you differentiate your product at retail but also helps you give consumers the benefits they’re looking for.  Today, shoppers of all ages want clean, convenient packaging* and Darfresh 10K vacuum skin packaging allows you to give them just that.  It is leakproof, easy-to-open and freezer ready, providing more benefits than great optics.

Efficient Packaging with Benefits You See Right Away

Cryovac Darfresh 10K OTR Film is designed to help you meet your operational goals while providing a packaging solution that satisfies your customers needs.  This highly permeable, vacuum-sealed film is ideal for fresh or frozen fish and seafood and complies with FDA regulations.  Darfresh 10K OTR has forming characteristics that creates packaginig that totally surrounds your fish or seafood, perserving its color, flavor and integrity.  This innovative film acts as a second skin and offers consumers the product visibility they desire to verify the freshness themselves prior to purchasing. 

Darfresh 10K OTR Film allows your product to be packaged in an assortment of sizes and tray options, giving you the customization you desire to help your product stand out on shelf.  This case-ready solution also reduces labor cost for retailers by eliminating the need of daily maintenance and managment required by an ice-based case.  Now your customers can tailor the amount of product in the case to meet their unique and seasonal needs. 

Cryovac® Darfresh® 10K OTR Seafood Packaging Film in Pictures 



*2018 Power of Meat