51% of millenials say that, in the last two years, their definition of what is healthy has changed. Is your menu providing the right options to satisfy their needs?

When millenials dine out, they are doing so in groups to socialize and catch-up with friends. Often, if just one person in the party can’t find something on your menu that meets their specific dietary preferences, that individual becomes the veto vote and will steer the group to go elsewhere. However, The definition of healthy has become a moving target. What’s worse is that if you ask 10 people what healthy items they want on a restaurant menu, you will likely get 10 different responses.

Consumers with food allergies are extremely loyal to establishments that make them feel safe.

Up to 30% of the US population believes they have some sort of food allergy. These highly-vocal guests will return often to foodservice establishments where they have had a positive experience. However, if a restaurant doesn’t have food allergy protocols in place, the entire group will likely go to a restaurant that can accommodate that one individual, especially if that individual is a child.

What if there was a solution that allowed you to disarm the veto vote and win back parties to your establishment?

Cryovac’s Simple Steps® allows operators to remain nimble when it comes to the ever-changing landscape of healthy eating. This vacuum-sealed, microwave packaging technology locks in flavors at their peak, and its ease-of-use significantly cuts down on prep time without sacrificing quality, freshness or complicating your back-of-house operations.

Simple Steps also provides you with the opportunity to expand your menu and disarm the veto vote. It lets you serve anything without the worry of cross-contamination, and with the option of plate, tray or our new bowl packaging in a variety of colors and sizes. With Simple Steps, you can continually adapt to include the dietary trends your customers want, ensuring your menu meets their specific needs.


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