Cryovac® Whole Bird Automation Systems automate the most labor-intensive tasks of whole bird packaging such as hock breaking, bag loading, and vacuum sealing.

Labor accounts for 60% of the total cost in a processing plant, according to sources within the poultry industry.

With employee turnover rates in excess of 70% and as the market demand and price for whole birds fluctuate, it can be increasingly difficult for processors to maintain efficiency and protect their margins. 

Designed around four primary pieces of equipment, Cryovac® Whole Bird Automation Systems need only one operator to package an average of 45 birds per minute. Cryovac Whole Bird Automation Systems make whole bird packaging easy and efficient

What can automation do for your bottom line?

Because the costs of employee recruiting, training and retention are high, an investment in automation can pay for itself in a relatively short timeframe. Use Sealed Air's online calculator to estimate your return on investment, based on desired processing speed, operating days and fully-loaded labor rate, for this automated system.

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