For Processors: Efficient Poultry & Meat Packaging with Long-Term Benefits You See Right Away 

In your business, increases in efficiency can be hard to see in the short-term. Sealed Air’s Cryovac® Darfresh® on Tray creates tangible benefits – faster processing, better productivity, and reduced costs – so you feel the impact immediately.  

Darfresh on Tray can more than double the shelf life of meat and poultry compared to typical mother bag meat packaging, adding value for retailers and consumers while creating benefits for your business:

  • 35% faster processing speeds – significantly increase pounds per man hour
  • Lower capital and utility costs – three Darfresh on Tray systems do the work of four standard machines
  • Use 100% of film on the rollstock – zero film scrap and up to 40% less material waste
  • Savings from reduced inventory requirements – send less scrap material to landfills
  • Reduced distribution costs: Fit 25-50% more product into shipping boxes with reduced pack volume
  • Improve sustainability along the entire chain – fewer trucks for shipping and a recyclable tray reduce carbon footprint by 20%
  • Significant shelf life benefits attractive to retailers and consumers

From packaging more per hour, to requiring fewer shifts and less material, Darfresh on Tray poultry and meat packaging averages out to cost approximately 20 cents less per package than other typical alternatives.

For Retailers: Protect Your Bottom Line While Answering Consumer Demands

Preventing retail shrink is important to your business. Quite simply, marking down or throwing out items equates to losing money. Sealed Air’s Cryovac® Darfresh® on Tray vacuum packaging more than doubles the shelf life compared to typical mother bag packaging, allowing for up to 15 days of dark storage and 5-8 days in the retail case, reducing retail shrink by more than 50%.

In addition to extended shelf life, Darfresh on Tray answers additional consumer demands:

  • Better Retail Merchandising via vertical display
  • Appealing in the case – tight vacuum fit seals in freshness and the top web surrounds the protein like a second skin, resulting in a natural, fresh color and unobstructed view of the product
  • Easy to open with a variety of tray sizes enabling individually-packed portions
  • Leak-proof seal – juices are locked in to prevent unhygienic leaks
  • No freezer burn – product stays fresh in the freezer with no need for repackaging
  • Consumer Convenience – In tray seasoning/Marinating
  • More sustainable – recyclable tray is attractive to consumers
  • 360° Product Visibility (with clear tray option)

Today, consumers expect more than ever before. Darfresh on Tray allows you to effectively merchandise and sell meat, poultry and seafood products while preserving your bottom line.

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