As food service operators look to expand as well as stay profitable, you can’t afford to trade a good customer experience for back-of-house efficiency.

At most QSRs, product consistency drives the customer experience and offering new flavors or experimenting with limited-time-offers help you adjust to changing tastes. But with the average size of your kitchen shrinking and the challenge of keeping a trained workforce in place, how do you make sure your customers get what they want while you stay profitable?

One way is with Cryovac FlexPrep™ Dispensing. This ground-breaking solution utilizes our flexible pouch technology with a custom dispensing unit to offer cost-effective portion control, improved shelf life, and process efficiency in the application of condiments, sauces and dressings.

Improved efficiency starts with flexibility.

FlexPrep Fluids Despenser

The FlexPrep system dispenses condiments from pre-filled, flexible pouches by way of a third-party, mechanical dispensing unit. The hermetically-sealed pouches reduce primary packaging 85% and offer improved shipping efficiency and waste after use when compared to cardboard canisters or plastic jars. The use of Cryovac barrier film helps ensure condiments, sauces and dressings stay fresh before and during use. This innovative solution is easy to use, reduces prep time and provides up to 98% yield – a significant improvement versus rigid containers.


Take Back-of-House Condiment Dispensing to a New Level


How can FlexPrep System Help Food Processors?