Deli meat suppliers are catering to consumers desire for new tastes and food experiences with bold flavored meats.

Consumers are playing a large role in how today’s food is made, produced and branded. Deli products, for example, have seen a growth in new flavor innovations as bland meats are no longer making the cut. And with the growth of bolder flavored meats, deli products have become increasingly difficult to protect.

As a food processor you know the challenges you face when it comes to packaging these bold flavored products. Your packaging needs to be tough enough to withstand the abuse these new flavor coatings bring yet transparent and tight enough to showcase the beauty of your craftsmanship in order to appeal to a consumer's senses.

What if there was a packaging solution that allowed you to offer the durability you need without sacrificing the optics and shrink your customers want?

Introducing Cryovac® OptiDure barrier bags, Sealed Air’s latest offering in vacuum packaging. This advanced multi-layer bag offers superior product protection, which means reduced leakers throughout the distribution cycle, providing you the durability you need without sacrificing the optics and shrink your customers desire. It’s unrivaled sealing through pleats also improves productivity while reducing waste. The result: your product arrives safely at its destination and looks great too.

With Cryovac OptiDure your products benefit from improved shelf life and food safety, while protecting its freshness, color and flavor. Your customers see a premium quality product that appeals to their consumers senses.

Now you can find that delicate balance between packaging performance and superior optics for smoked and processed meats.

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